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Dogmo Studios is a collaborative design studio that uses our powers for good. As a studio, our structure is collaborative and intentionally lean, agile and iterative.

We believe that good design is more than skin deep, and we pride ourselves in thinking through the project arc and finding the best solutions for our partners. We have a deep understanding of design and technology and a constant curiosity that drives us to stay current with best-practices and evolving strategies.

We love and believe in what we do, and we love working with people who are similarly passionate about what they do.

Eliza Wee // Design Lead, Founder

Eliza WeeWith over 25 years experience in design that runs the gamut--web, mobile, and print--Eliza combines a thorough understanding of technology, production, and business issues to develop comprehensive strategies that work with the client's mission, strategic goals, and budget. She brings to the team a broad combination of visual design skills, a thorough understanding of UX and front-end design, and keen Project management skills.

She is honored to have worked with some of the world's most incredible and inspiring clients, including the Astraea Foundation, Amnesty International, the ACLU, the California State Labor Commissioner's Office, and Code for America.

Eliza received her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Amherst College, where she established a strong foundation in painting, printmaking, and illustration. Her creative practice uses landscape to explore the interactions between community, time, and memory. At her Tol (돌) ceremony, she grabbed a pen and has spent the rest of her life living up to it.

Catherine Chanse // Designer, Multimedia Producer, Developer

Catherine ChanseCatherine Chanse is a freelance multimedia producer and developer focusing on web and graphic design as well as interactive media. She has worked with a number of individuals and nonprofits in the Bay Area, including Neighborhood Parks Council, Small Business Majority, and Life Frames, Inc.

Catherine has over 15 years of experience in teaching and designing curriculum and education focusing on literacy, design, and interactive media work within the nonprofit sector. She currently teaches graphic and web design classes at Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), and has also taught and served as Academic Director of Graphic Design and Web Design & Interactive Media at the Art Institute of California Sunnyvale.

Prior to moving to the west coast from New York City, Catherine oversaw the growth and development of the Educational Technology Program at the Phipps West Farms Technology & Career Center, which focused on addressing inequities in access to digital tools and resources. Central to her work was the expansion and development of the New Media program where students learned design and interactive media skills.

Catherine received her Masters of Arts in Multimedia through the California State University East Bay Multimedia Graduate Program, an interactive and telematic arts program that emphasizes content development and creative expression through the use of digital tools. Her team's thesis project, See What You Feel, used image analysis, data visualization, and storytelling to explore the visual language of emotions as expressed through photographs.

Robert Dawson // Developer, Dev Ops Lead

Robert Dawson

Robert Dawson loves front-end technologies and his passion is to create a better Web for everyone. From designing interfaces to creating performant code, he loves that a single programming language, JavaScript, has taken over the Web, allowing developers to write code that seamlessly interoperates.

His career started wearing a variety of hats within a small team at a fledgling startup. Today, he focuses most of his time planning, writing, and refactoring quality code.

He received his Masters of Arts in Multimedia through the California State University-East Bay, where used the Python-based Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), PHP, and MySQL to create a Web-based AI agent. Thanks to his highly flexible mind, we're able to provide inventive solutions for our clients' most complex problems.


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We're always interested in hearing about collaborative projects that use our powers for good. If we're not able to help, We're happy to recommend people who can. | 510-IS-DOGMO

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We're thrilled to support people doing amazing work, using our powers for good, and generally making the world a better place.

Here are a few clients we've had the honor of working with: